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Lumley Optical has been at the forefront of lens production for almost forty years, producing lenses of all indices and never refusing even the most complex prescription which we view as a challenge. 

With the advances in freeform technologies we took the decision to invest substantially in the very best equipment available. 

Using Coburn generating and soft tool polishing with what we feel is the finest lens design computing system, our range of lenses give the independent optometrist an opportunity to offer a wide choice of designs to equal the very best available at present.

To complement our surfacing we upgraded our glazing equipment to the latest dry cutting system from Nidek, giving us the capability to produce the most extreme frame designs.

More than 300 years’ of lab experience are combined within the team of 18 at Lumley Opticals which offer a wide range of optical knowledge, believes Managing Director Harry Lumley.


The 37 year old business prides itself on the skill of its employees –


“We do everything from in-house tinting, slab-offs, bi-prisms and an extensive range of powers within excess of cyls of 20. We have just invested £250,000 in Coburn freeform technology, plus the new Nidek dry cutter, keeping our lab up to date with the latest in advanced technology,” said Harry.



Working with major names, the business is an approved Essilor and Nikon lab, and does much business with Hoya and Shamir, plus all in packages with frame companies including Emporium, Eyespace, Continental, Optical Service and Brulimar.

Ease of tracking is a major bonus, believes the company, as the barcoded CC lab system allows practices to remotely follow the progress of jobs through the lab. With local deliveries twice a day, Lumley Opticals feels that it provides a competitive edge to many independent practices by providing a turnaround within hours for many jobs.


“It certainly builds loyalty – we have several customers who have been with us for 25 years or more,” added Harry.

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